Bright and Beautiful 7-Foot-Wide House in London

Narrow houses take advantage of spaces that were previously thought unusable, which often translates to alleys or lanes between buildings. One beautiful example is this St. John’s Hill house in London by British architects Alma-nac, a two-story space that includes a sizable rooftop garden.

The home measures just 7.5 feet wide, considerably more narrow than the average home, but its careful organization keeps it from feeling cramped. Storage is incorporated into every available space, from the headboard of the bed to a dressing area that keeps the bedroom clean and streamlined.

Skylights bring natural light into what could be a very dark space, since the home is sandwiched between two larger buildings. They also provide views of the sky, which – combined with the garden – gives inhabitants a connection to nature, almost making it easy to forget that there is a bustling metropolis just outside.

Slim houses like this one can help relieve some of the stress placed on cities as urban populations continue to grow. The key to living in a space that many people would consider ‘small’ is good design (and lots of storage.) Check out another 7-foot wide tiny home as well as modern mobile homes and backyard getaways.