Grey to Green: Urban Paving Stones with Built-in Planters

Many urban centers tend to be large expanses of gray, with everything in sight – sidewalks, streets, buildings and infrastructure – made of concrete or asphalt. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could incorporate more of nature into cities, to provide color, oxygen and a little bit of a visual pick-me-up? Designer Caroline Brahme has created a way to do that with ‘Grey to Green.’

The product is a series of paving stones that can host vegetation, with small planting holes in a variety of asymmetrical configurations allowing patterns to be created when the stones are set into the street.

They can be integrated into areas that don’t receive foot traffic, like the bases of buildings or around signs. Want some for your own private use? They can be purchased upon request from S:t Eriks.

Says Brahme, “Right now, the world is facing the largest wave of urban growth in history. However, the cities depend on nature’s ecosystem to function properly. In the future we must find new ways to integrate green structure into the cities more efficiently. The aim is to build dense, green and sustainable.”