Marvelously Modern Mobile Living: 15 Cool Campers

Crazy Campers MAIN

Why pull a boring white trailer that looks like everyone else’s when you could have a hybrid camper-boat, a futuristic modular camper or a mobile home on legs that can navigate tough terrain? These 15 dream campers add even more function, not to mention aesthetic appeal, to today’s clunky mobile living spaces.

Ecco Camper Concept by Nau

Crazy Campers Ecco

This incredibly futuristic looking Ecco Camper by NAU design studio produces zero emissions, integrates solar panels into its roof to supplement power supply, and expands from an aerodynamic teardrop shape to a larger living space with transparent roof panels for nighttime stargazing.

Transforming DIY Japanese-Style Mobile Home

Crazy Campers Transforming DIY
Crazy Campers Transforming DIY 2
When fully closed, this vehicle looks like an ordinary truck, but a hydraulic lift system reveals a second story to create a surprisingly spacious home on the go. What’s even more impressive is this was a DIY creation. The Tiny Transformer House is made of lightweight metal and inspired by traditional Japanese design with zen loft space and rice paper windows.

Innovan Amazingly Compact Camper

Crazy Campers Innovan

Put it on the back of a truck or get the trailer style to carry an ultra-compact camper that pops up to reveal a lot more space than you’d expect. The Innovan features a pop-up top that nearly doubles the interior space, and the transformation takes just 30 seconds. You could also tow a second unit behind the first to make your camping setup even more luxurious.

Sealander Amphibious Camper for Land and Water

Crazy Campers Sealander

The Sealander is a mobile trailer, tiny home and motorboat in one, going from land to sea without the need for any accessories or transforming. Just drive right in. Modular pieces make the inside adaptable to your needs, with pieces that fold up and down to create or remove sleeping space.

Tent, Truck and Trailer in One

Crazy Campers Tent Truck Trailer

A compact truck nearly triples in size to become a mobile living space with a tent top. The sides of the truck fold down to become two additional floor areas, and the driver and passenger seats swivel for additional lounging. The truck fits into most conventional parking spaces, giving it an edge over many other campers.

Walking Home: Six-Legged Caravan

Crazy Campers SIx Legged Caravan

Looking like a giant insect, the Walking House can literally get up and walk around, with variable-length legs that adjust to uneven terrain. That means it can go where wheeled campers can’t. It’s also entirely self-sufficient, able to power itself and gather water. It has its own rainwater collector, a composting toilet, a wood burning stove and even a small wind turbine.

Aquatic Caravan by Thansadet

Crazy Campers Aquatic Caravan

It may not offer much in the design department, but the Aquatic Caravan by Thansadet is an intriguingly adaptable concept equally suited for land and water. Offering little more than a simple protected environment for sleeping and floating, this caravan is envisioned as an affordable way for average people to travel to places that might not otherwise be accessible.

Boxy Boat and Land Campers by Jay Nelson

Crazy Campers Jay Nelson 1
Crazy Campers Jay Nelson 2
Designer and builder Jay Nelson has created a series of cool camper vehicles, ranging from wooden add-ons for ordinary cars to a cocoon-like camper car. The latter is the Golden Gate, an electric camper made of fiberglass, plywood, bike parts and an electric motor. It gets about 10 miles on a charge, making it ideal for escaping into nearby nature retreats like the woods or the beach. Another creation covers a boat with a handmade wooden canopy.

Hybrid Camper Car and Caravan Combo

Crazy Campers Car Caravan Combo

We’ve all seen massive yacht-like RVs pulling more compact vehicles behind them. But what if part of that RV could simply ‘unplug’ from the rest of it and pull away? This modular motorhome works sort of like a trailer, but it’s all-in-one. The detachable car makes it easy to cruise around without all that bulk, when desired.

Tiny Camper Home by NASA Architect

Crazy Campers NASA 1

Crazy Campers NASA2

A designer who once created habitat modules for NASA and the International Space Station has now focused his attention on spaces that are a little more down-to-earth. The architect now uses the skills he applied to those high-level projects to modular miniature trailer homes known as Cricket Trailers. Available in various versions, this trailer comes with a kitchen, shower, toilet, feating furnace, lounge space and a flexible awning, staying within a 15-by-6.5-foot trailer box.

Modern Modular Camper

Crazy Campers Modular 1

Crazy Campers Modular 2

This cool, futuristic modular camper can be customized to your precise needs. When ordering a Merhzeller manufactured caravan, you answer a series of detailed questions that enable the architects to create a space that meets your every expectation.

Mobile Home for a Bicycle

Crazy Campers Bike Mobile Home

Designer Kevin Cyr took the looks and functionality of a typical camper and made it work for a bicycle. The bike trailer is light enough to be pulled around on a three-wheeled bike, though you probably have to have some unusually strong thigh muscles to get it very far.

Camper Inspired by the Sydney Opera House

Crazy Campers Sydney Opera House

Possibly one of the most visually stunning capers ever conceived, the Opera camper by Axel Enthoven was inspired by the Sydney Opera House. A compact 4-wheel trailer that clips to the back of a vehicle, the Opera is electric and assembles in less than five minutes. It features stainless steel fixtures and appliances, LED lighting, electrically adjustable beds, stove, barbecue, wine cabinet, heating, a toilet, a veranda and even an espresso bar.

Marchi Mobile Camper Van

Crazy Campers Marchi Van

If you’re the type that needs a conference room and a satellite television with a 40-inch screen while camping, then the Marchi Mobile Camper Van is probably on your list. This futuristic, luxury camper takes the looks of a high-dollar RV up a few notches and is packed with retractible furniture and work surfaces. It has 6 business class lounge chairs with massaging functions, a multi-media system, 8 LCD screens, a bar and a spacious upper deck.