Valentine’s Felines: 7 Cats Who Really Show Their Love

You gotta love it, and them: Just in time for Valentine’s Day, here are 7 cute & loving cats who wear their hearts on their sleeves, sides, backs and more. It’s about the sincerest way to show your love, and that’s fur sure!

Chic Chi

(images via: Urone317)

We can thank Japanese Flickr user Urone317 for these endearing images of her cat, Mister Chi, a white Domestic Shorthair with some strategically-placed chocolate brown markings. Capturing the precise alignment that turns two separate splotches into an unmistakeable classic heart shape must have taken some doing. Then again, isn’t following one’s cat around with a camera what every cat-owner does these days?

(image via: Urone317)

Sadly, it seems that Mister Chi left those who loved and looked after him sometime in the spring of 2011 – hopefully he’s gone to a better place where catnip grows like grass and “dogs” is a four-letter word. He will live on in the hearts of those who knew him, as is appropriate for a cat who never got tired of showing his love.

Bette Davis Eyes

(images via:

If Joan Jett ever decides she needs a mascot for her band, this black-hearted British “moggie” should be her first choice. It’s hard to believe anyone could abandon a cat with a heart on her side but such was the case with “Bette Davis” here, left at the Gables Farm Dogs’ and Cats’ Home in Plymouth, Devon, England by owners who wouldn’t or couldn’t take care of her any longer.

(image via:

“We were gobsmacked when we first saw her,” explains Carer Katie Barkell. “The heart shape is perfect and completely unique. We’ve never seen a cat, or dog for that matter, like her and we’ll be sad to see her go.” Black and white cats are a dime a dozen but one with such a prominently displayed heart marking doesn’t come along every day.

Heart & Soul Patch

(image via: Snuzzy)

Kudos to Tumblr user Briefingorama for posting this pic of Fordy, who doesn’t look a day over 39 (months). While recognizable patterns in cats’ coats aren’t at all unusual, both the distinctiveness of Fordy’s heart-shaped soul patch and its precise location and configuration stand out. It’s cool to be different, right Fordy?

Clawrence Of Arabia

(images via: 1389 Blog)

Zoologists think cats were first domesticated in the Middle East and the region has a long history of human-feline interaction. The ancient Egyptians worshiped a Cat God named Bastet and the Islamic Prophet Mohammed had a favorite cat named Muezza. Legend has it that one day Muezza was sleeping on the sleeve of Mohammed’s robe. When the Prophet wanted to go to perform his prayers, rather than wake his cat he simply cut the sleeve off of his robe. Alas, the distinctively marked white cat above looks to have been treated less kindly as he or she awaits adoption in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. One hopes someone with compassion to spare shows this cat real love and not just the image of it.