Charge Your Gadgets While You Cook with the Power Pot

Power Pot Gadget Charger 1

The heat that cooks your food while camping or during an emergency could be used to power mobile gadgets like phones and GPS navigators, and batteries for head lamps and radios. A device called the PowerPot makes on-the-go charging as easy as pouring some water into a cooking pot and setting it on a heat source like a fire or camping stove.

Power Pot Gadget Charger 2

Ideal for backpacking, loss of electricity and humanitarian aid, this pot is waterproof, fire-resistant and highly portable at just 12 ounces. Imagine a natural disaster like a hurricane, earthquake or flood knocking out your power source and leaving you to rough it at home for a few days – you’d be able to continue eating hot meals and maintain a connection to the outside world.

Power Pot Gadget Charger 3

So, how does it work? The temperature difference between the bottom side of the PowerPot generator system, which is in contact with a heat source, and the inside of the pot, which holds water, is harnessed to create electricity through thermoelectric power.

Power Pot Gadget Charger 4

The voltage is regulated to safely power USB devices. In addition to the $149 pot, you can purchase USB accessories like LED lights, a headlamp, a lithium battery, a lightweight stove and a Camelbak water purifier. See it at

Via Inhabitat