Lush Illumination: 3 Planter-Lamp Combos

Plantable Light Fixtures Main

A little bit of greenery can make all the difference in the feel of an indoor space, maintaining a sense of vitality even throughout the dull and dreary winter months. One of the smartest – and coolest- ways to keep plants indoors is to combine them with a light source that provides light both for the room and the plants. Here are three eye-catching planter-lamp combos that do just that.

Babylon Plantable Light Fixture by Object/Interface

Plantable Light Fixtures Babylon

Named for the legendary Hanging Gardens, the Babylon light fixture by Ryan Taylor of Object/Interface gets top marks in both the form and function departments. Of course, it helps that it’s been so expertly planted, with just the right variation of plant heights and textures. This planter would be ideal hanging over a kitchen counter, full of herbs, so you just need to reach off and take exactly the amount you need for the dish you’re cooking.

Lightpot by Studio Shulab

Plantable Light Fixtures LightPot

Not only does this cute little desk lamp incorporate a planter for herbs, succulents and other greenery, it grows as your plants do. The LED lamp, which functions both to illuminate a desktop and give the plants the light they need to grow, telescopes up and down to make room for leaves that start to reach high.

Vicky Lamp by Jose de la O

Plantable Light Fixtures Vicky Lamp

If your tastes run more to the romantic, the Vicky Lamp might be right up your alley. Designed by Netherlands-based studio Jose de la O, the Vicky Lamp is both a hanging terrarium and a Victorian-style light. It uses a special bulb that provides an increased radiation on the blue spectrum, helping plants thrive.