Moonwalk: Man Walks Tight Rope at Yosemite National Park

Dean Potter is internationally known as a daredevil, shuffling his way across China’s Enshi Grand Canyon and other spectacularly beautiful natural settings on a tightrope – without a safety net. Potter uses a specially-designed rope called a slackline that’s actually more challenging than a conventional tightrope, because it’s not completely taut, making it susceptible to bouncing.

The New Hampshire-born thrill seeker recently completed what’s easily his most visually engaging tightrope walk, in front of a luminous full moon at Yosemite National Park’s Cathedral Peak. Filmed from a mile away, this video captures Potter as he sways and staggers on the rope in what looks like a sort of dance.

Moonwalk from Reel Water Productions on Vimeo.

See the video larger at Vimeo.