Clorox Introduces The Green Housewives

The Clorox Company wants everyone to know you don’t have to be extreme, obnoxious or ridiculous to be green. An innovative new ad campaign featuring the faux reality show “Introducing the Green Housewives” shows the Oakland, California-based household foods and chemicals corporation isn’t afraid of a little self-mockery in support of a good cause.

Clorox Introduces “The Green Housewives”

(images via: Naturemom’s Blog and Beth’s Life)

The Clorox Company’s new campaign promoting their new Green Works home cleaning products line takes its cue from reality television. “Introducing the Green Housewives” (left to right: Michon, Jamie and Elyse) pokes fun at society’s perceived need to be holier than thou when it comes to being environmentally responsible.

(image via: Zimbio)

You may not know anyone as obsessed with EC – environmental correctness – as Clorox’s green housewives (played by Heather Storm, Jaycie Dotin and Katie F. Ward, left to right above) but you can’t argue with human nature. Are the grass, glass and countertops really “greener” on the other side or do they just look that way from the neighboring house? Petty disputes over clothes, relationships and gossip pale in comparison to the myriad ways in which these ladies dispute who’s the greenest of them all!

(images via: and Angela’s Analysis)

Clorox’s overly eco-conscious green housewives may be caricatures, constantly out-greening one another with over-the-top one-upmanship and behind the scenes putdowns but that’s Clorox’s point: by using Green Works products you don’t have to be extreme, obnoxious or ridiculous to be green.

Don’t believe it? Check out this clip: