Birdhouse Tiles Turn Your Roof into an Avian Sanctuary

Your home could offer sanctuary to wild birds – and not in the form of pigeons invading your attic. Dutch artist Klaas Kuiken has designed a terra-cotta birdhouse incorporated into a standard roof tile, which blends archetypal bird homes into human habitation.

The little bird houses are attached to roof tiles with a strong adhesive that will prevent them from coming loose, even in harsh winter weather. Placing bird houses on the roof offers easy access for parent birds tending to their nests, as well as protection from predators.

Just under the tile is a hidden basket offering deeper shelter in which the birds can nestle, without allowing them to penetrate the roof and enter the home. The tile is designed so you can slide the whole thing out and clean it once nesting season is over.

Not to mention the fact that these unexpected roof tiles make a fun design statement. They’re available in limited quantities at the designer’s website.