To Bee: Compact Beekeeping Kit for Urban Gardens

To Bee Urban Beekeeping 1

Backyard beekeeping has never been more streamlined than this. ‘To-Bee’ is a compact beekeeping setup specifically designed for urban and suburban homes with small outdoor spaces. Designed by Lavi Bar, an industrial design student at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem, To-Bee is a functional wall shelf with a terra-cotta receptacle for honeycomb.

To Bee Urban Beekeeping 2

To Bee Urban Beekeeping 3

The bees enter the hive through an opening on one end of the shelf, giving them a long, dark and narrow space; however, the main part of the hive consists of two transparent compartments that allow beekeepers to keep an eye on the honey-making action.

To Bee Urban Beekeeping 4

Such a simple and compact setup encourages more people to take on beekeeping as a hobby, helping to boost devastated bee populations. Threatened by Colony Collapse Disorder, unsustainable industrial bee farming methods and other problems, bees must be treated with care to maintain the delicate balance of our ecosystems and agricultural production.