Beet Box: Musical Instrument Made of Vegetables

Beet Box 1

At first glance, the ‘Beet Box’ by Scott Garner looks like little more than some odd sort of storage and display system for root vegetables. But look closer and you’ll notice a speaker, and a wire or two. This wooden contraption is actually a high-tech musical instrument disguised with humble materials and simple shapes.

Beet Box 2

Hidden within that wooden box is a Raspberry Pi (a credit-card-sized computer), a capacitive touch sensor and an audio amplifier. Hiding this technology within the wooden box makes the device appear much less complex than it really is, rendering its true usage all the more surprising.

Beet Box 3

Touching the beets – whether you tap them like delicate drums or strum them like strings – activates sound samples that play through holes in the lid of the box. Have you ever seen a more unexpected use of vegetables?

Beet Box 4

Check out a video of the Beet Box in action at Design Boom.