Modern Eco Resort Provides Relaxing Refuge in Portugal

Eco Resort Portugal 1

In the woods on the edge of a spa town in Portugal, seven cabins offer a bright and relaxing getaway for visitors seeking modern amenities in balance with the beauty of nature. Architects Luis Rebelo de Andrade and Diogo Aguiar designed the huts as small, separate structures rather than a larger hotel-like building in order to have a smaller impact on the park.

Eco Resort Portugal 2

Eco Resort Portugal 3

Each of the cabins is built on stilts to raise it above ground level, creating less of a disturbance on the site. The cabins are covered in gray slate to honor local traditions in architecture and construction. Aguiar told Dezeen, “It is very interesting because of its pixel texture but also because of the way it reacts to the weather; it reflects the sun in the evening and gets dark and shiny when it rains.”

Eco Resort Portugal 4

Eco Resort Portugal 5

Each of the forest huts includes a living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and private entrance. Each one has a slightly different configuration, designed to fit within the trees in the forest to avoid the need for removal. See more photos at Dezeen.