Wooden Treetop Walkway Spirals into the Sky in Germany

If you’ve ever wanted to get a look at the Black Forest of Germany, there’s no more beautiful way than to ascend the wooden treetop walk at the Bavarian Forest National Park. Located in the town of Neuschonau, the Treetop Walk is the world’s tallest tree observation structure at 144 feet in height.

From the entrance, a 1,640-foot-long wooden ramp leads out into the forest, resembling many other treetop walks located throughout the world. These walkways not only give visitors a sense of what it’s like to live in the trees, but also protect the sensitive ecosystems below from the adverse effects of tourism. Many of these walks are located in the rainforests of Australia, South America and Africa.

But once forest explorers reach the tower, all similarities to other structures end. It rises like an open-air dome, enclosing three 125-foot fir trees. The very gentle slope from ground level to the apex provides access to virtually everyone, regardless of fitness level.

The Bavarian Forest connects to the Czech Bohemian Forest to create the largest continuous area of forest in Central Europe, and it’s dominated by spruce, fir and beech trees. Most of the ancient forests here were logged decades ago, but the area is now protected.