Bao House: Tiny Mobile Home on a Trike

bao house 1

Imagine pulling your home around on the back of a tricycle. The Bao House by Chinese studio dot Architects is a tiny transportable living space in the form of a quilted cube that’s light enough to be moved with the leg power of a single person. It’s just one of many highly unusual mobile homes changing pubic perception of just how much room we need to carry out our daily lives.

bao house 2

Bao House (presumably a play on the German architectural style ‘bauhaus’) measures two square meters, and is made of spray polyurethane foam that was injected into a timber and fabric frame held together with pins and string. It gets its name from its bubble-like surface, as ‘bao’ means bulge in Chinese.

bao house 3

The structure has a clear polycarbonate roof to let light inside, but no windows or doors. One wall slides open to enable entrance to the interior, which currently holds a mattress large enough for three. It’s not clear whether adding personal belongings and a few amenities would make it to heavy to pull.

bao house 4

Bao House was created for Get it Louder 2012, an exhibition of visual art and design in Beijing.