Radical Reclaimed Furniture: 13 Trash Transformations

Reclaimed furniture main

When you look at a pile of discarded items at a junkyard or sitting at the curb, what do you see? Most people view it as items that are no longer useful, and therefore ‘trash’. But some envision stools, tables, shelves, lamps and other household items just waiting to be built. Here are 13 (more!) creative reclaimed furniture and home decor items made of washing machine drums, ladders, computers, suitcases and airplane parts.

Washing Machine Drum Stools

Reclaimed washing machine stools

(images via: latelier)

Old washing machine drums are cleaned, painted and decorated to become bright and beautiful new stools. Junk Munkez transform the drums with embroidery, using the preexisting perforations in the metal.

Mac Tower Coffee Table

Reclaimed mac towers coffee table

(images via: reform-designs)

Two junked Mac computer towers become the basis of a modern, somewhat futuristic-looking office table in this project by Re:form Designs. Approximately 70% of the materials that go into the table are recycled.

Coney Island Boardwalk Table

Reclaimed Coney Island boardwalk table

(images via: inhabitat)

Interestingly architectural, the ‘Low Table’ is hand-crafted from reclaimed sections of the Coney Island Boardwalk.

Ladder Shelf

Reclaimed ladder shelf

(images via: mia’s interior)

Here’s a reclamation project that anyone can do on their own: transforming an old ladder into a wall shelf to hold picture frames and other narrow items. This one was created by Mia’s Interior.

Suitcase Side Table

Reclaimed suitcase side table

(images via: design sponge)

Vintage suitcases make unique and practical side-tables with the addition of four table legs. Design Sponge offers a simple DIY tutorial so you can learn how to make your own.

Home Items Made of Unwanted Materials

Reclaimed Unwanted Items

(images via: jason lloyd fletcher)

Waste and unwanted materials of all sorts are reassembled into quirky modular furniture systems in the Third Generation Furniture project by Jason Lloyd Fletcher.

Airplane Parts by MotoArts

Reclaimed airplane parts

(images via: inhabitat)

This space-age furniture, which looks like it belongs on a 1960s television show about the future, was made from reclaimed airplane parts by MotoArt, a 6-person design crew.

Bathtub Chaise

Reclaimed bathtub lounge

(images via: reestore)

With one side cut out, an old bathtub has an ideal shape for a comfortable sofa or lounge. This one was made by Reestore.

Old Office Desks, Reshaped

Reclaimed office desks

(images via: designer pages)

Would you ever guess that these sleek, modern pieces of furniture were made from ratty old office desks that were bound for the landfill? The Strata line of furniture plays with the striped effect of plywood, making it part of the design rather than trying to hide it.

Tractor Hood Side Table

Reclaimed tractor hood side table

(images via: the steel fork)

The Steel Fork transforms old farm items into eco-friendly furniture and other products for the home. This side table was made from the hood of a John Deere tractor.

Exterior Door Turned Work Table by Manoteca

Reclaimed table manoteca

(images via: manoteca)

This rustic-looking work desk was ingeniously crafted from an old exterior door. Manoteca turned one side of the door into a table leaf that opens to reveal leather pockets for documents and books as well as a place for small storage and to clamp on a task light.

Carpenter’s Bench Turned Kitchen Sink by Manoteca

Reclaimed kitchen sink manoteca

(images via: manoteca)

Manoteca also created a kitchen sink with lots of charm and character, setting a basin into an old carpenter’s bench.

Railroad Tie Furniture

Reclaimed railroad tie furniture

(image via: apartment therapy)

Did you know that railroad ties with knots, splits, warps or any other imperfections are usually destroyed? Rail Yard Studios rescues these unwanted beam of heavy-duty wood and turns them into simple, rustic home furnishings like bed platforms, benches, tables, coat racks and wine racks.