Vintage Airstream Trailers Remodeled into Bright Homes


Vintage airstream trailers have never been so bright, airy and beautiful as they are when architect Matthew Hofmann gets through renovating their interiors into tiny homes, offices, studios and dressing rooms. Hofmann transformed a 25-foot trailer into his own personal home and office in 2011, and the project was so impressive that it has led to a business, HofArc.



Hofmann purchases Airstream trailers from all over the country and guts their dated, often dark interiors, replacing 1970s particle board built-ins with modern, high-quality kitchens, cabinets, tabletops, dining nooks and sleeping platforms.


In such tight spaces, efficient use of space is always key. HofArc hides storage virtually everywhere, but keeps the overall look of the interior spaces clean and minimal.


One recent renovation for a 1974 Airstream Overlander was built for an Australian couple and their children and includes multiple beds, lots of seating and even a shower.  See lots more examples at