Cycle of Design: 13 Bike-Inspired Home Furnishings

Bring your love of bicycles into your home in new and unexpected ways, from recycled bike chain chandeliers to bathroom vanities that incorporate a vintage bike as the centerpiece. These 13 bicycle-inspired home decor and furniture items pay tribute to this eco-friendly mode of transportation in bold and subtle ways.

Chain: Bike-Inspired Furniture Piece

(image via: behance)

Baita Design took visual cues from the 2009 Tour de France to create this bench/lounger, both in the bicycle chain shape and the colors, which were inspired by the cyclists’ uniforms.

Bicycle-Inspired Furniture by Rui Alves

(images via: rui alves)

The bike inspiration in this chair is subtle, but definitely noticeable for any cycling enthusiast. The arms of a simple wooden chair are modeled after the handlebars of a racing bike.

Bike in the Bathroom

(images via: atticmag)

Now this is a beautiful and creative way to integrate an old, out-of-commission bicycle into your home decor.  Artist Benjamin Bullins designed a vanity around a vintage bicycle in a French-themed bathroom, resting a wooden board on top of the seat as the counter and using the bicycle’s basket as towel storage.

Functional Bike Rack Decor: The Bike Shelf

(images via: the knife and saw)

For cyclists who live in small spaces, hanging a bike or two on the wall is often a necessity – but most bicycle hooks and mounts aren’t exactly attractive. Not only is this bike shelf design from The Knife and Saw beautifully crafted, it also functions as a shelf.

Recycled Bike Chain Chandeliers

(images via: rojaksite)

At first glance, you might not even notice that there’s anything unusual about these chandeliers. But look closely and you’ll see that they’re strung with bicycle chains instead of beads. Designer Carolina Fontoura Alzaga reclaims broken bike chains for use in her work.

Bike Wine Rack

(images via: napa style)

Yes, in our novelty-obsessed world, you can even get a wine rack shaped like a bicycle (or virtually anything else you can think of.) This one can be found at Napa Style.

Chair Made of 9 Bike Seats

(images via: syncronia)

Nine bicycle seats were welded together to create a seat that looks surprisingly comfortable in this design out of Italy.

Bike Chain Bowl

(images via: uncommon goods)

Another unlikely application of bicycle chains is this bowl at Uncommon Goods. Bicycle chain is wound in concentric circles to create a vessel ideal for stashing keys and other small items.

Caterpillar Chair by Anna Bullus

(images via:

Another chair inspired by bike chains is the Caterpillar lounge chair by Anna Bullus – but this one is interactive. The flexible lounger can be adjusted into 14 different positions, manipulated using the same mechanics found in the chain.

Gear Cog Coasters

(images via: bicycle creations)

Etsy shop Bicycle Creations offers a range of bicycle-inspired items, including these cool coasters made of reclaimed bicycle cogs attached to a cork backing.

Bike Seat Street Furniture in Amsterdam

(images via: pop up city)

In Amsterdam, bicycles are everywhere, even built into the posts that lines the streets. Jihyun David temporarily transformed the posts into comfortable ‘bar stools’ with bike seats and foot rests.

Bicycle Bookends

(images via: knob creek metal arts)

Even such small details as bookends can be a nod to your fondness for cycling. These solid steel pieces were made by Knob Creek Arts.

Prefab Home Inspired by a Bicycle Rack

(image via:

How about an entire house inspired by bicycles? House Arc is a round modular home modeled after bike racks. The prefab home is flat-packed into a 4-by-10-by-3-foot box, making it really easy to transport, and it’s also quick to assemble.