It’s Electric! 15 Clever Energy-Conscious Gadgets


energy-gadgets-mainHow much power do we waste every day, without even realizing it? Between the energy that we consume at home and at work, and the kinetic energy that we produce but don’t gather and convert into electricity, the amount is staggering. These 15 innovative gadget concepts make us more conscious of our energy consumption, and also harvest wasted energy in surprising ways that will make you think, “Why isn’t that already a real product?” Check out lots more gadgets and other design concepts at Yanko Design.

Power Conscience Energy Usage Meter


(image via: yanko design)

Do you know how much energy you use? For most of us, it’s hard to tell. With Power Conscience, you could simply take a glance at a device mounted on your wall. The more energy you’re consuming, the more light is emitted. The price you’re paying for electricity is even displayed across the front as incentive.

Silent Energy: Energy Awareness Throughout the Home



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Rather than hiding it away behind walls, this concept makes energy sources much more visible in the home, which would theoretically make us think more about how much we’re using.

Cyclus: Spring, Gear and Motor


(image via: yanko design)

This portable spring-driven device is a mobile generator. You simply twist the bottom to get 30 minutes of energy, enough to supply the DC motor in the device with 3 watts of power. It’s enough to power a mobile device in emergency circumstances, or a light.

OPEL EWOL Energy-Producing Bike


(image via: yanko design)

This ultra-futuristic looking bike boasts an electric engine, a solar panel, kinetic spokes that convert movement into energy, a shock absorber and even a little spot for an energy drink. But most importantly, the bike is self-sufficient, using those features to produce its own power. That means no charging or fuel is necessary.

SONEA Turns Sound into Energy


(image via: yanko design)

The vibrations from sound can put out a lot of energy, and this sonic-electric transducer makes use of it. SONEA is a music sound that converts noise into electric energy and stores it in an electric cell module. You can even connect multiple units to produce even more power.

Electro Ambient Wall Coverings


(image via: yanko design)

Here’s another interesting concept that makes the flow of energy through your home more visible. Electro ambient wallpaper shows energy passing through the home – and it looks cool, too.

Energy Tree: Sustainable Computing


(image via: yanko design)

What if your habits at home, such was electricity and water consumption and recycling rates, were connected to the life of a tree? The Energy Tree concept by Ben Arent will thrive if you’re careful and conscious, but use too much energy or fail to fill your recycling bins, and it will start to die.

GreenBox: Brings Cold Air from the Floor Into Your Home


(image via: yanko design)

You know how uncarpeted floors are always uncomfortably cold to the touch in the fall and winter months? ‘GreenBox’ by Farsad Ghaffarian is a plastic device that sucks cold air from the floors up into your home and deposits it near the ceiling, where hot air normally tends to hang out. That way, the hot air stays in the center of the room.

O.e.i. OLED Touch Screen Light Switch


(image via: yanko design)

Figure out which room in your home is using too much energy with O.e.i., an OLED touch screen light switch that displays animations and graphics to show how much energy you’re consuming.

Slide: Produce Energy by Walking Up Steps


(image via: yanko design)

We produce energy in so many small ways throughout the day, without even noticing. This smart gadget takes advantage of one such scenario – the gripping motion of our hands as we hold onto railings while ascending stairways. The arrow-shaped LEDs on these hand rail ‘sleeves’ light up when the power is out to guide the way.

Socket Pop Lowers Energy Consumption


(image via: yanko design)

‘Energy vampires’ are gadgets that continue to suck electricity from power outlets, even when they’re not in use. It can be hard to remember to unplug some items, like televisions and phone chargers. That’s where the Eco-Socket comes in. This concept by Ya-Hui Chi senses the sharp decrease in energy flow when you’re done using the device, and automatically pops the plug out of the socket. To use your device again, just push the plug back in.

VEOS Orb Captures Energy from Washer & Dryer Cycles



(image via: yanko design)

Clothes dryers are one of the biggest energy-hogs in any household. The ‘Veos’ orb tries to make up for that by harvesting some of the energy created while the machine is spinning. This kinetic motion-harvesting gadget goes into the washer and dryer along with your clothes, gathering up all that wasted energy and then uploading it back to the grid.

Energy Light Glass is Powered by Beer


(image via: yanko design)

Who knew that beer could be an energy source, too? Even the action of pouring it into your glass could produce enough energy to power a small light. The ‘Energy Light’ is a combination pint glass/LED light that is powered by the beer itself, though the creator doesn’t explain exactly how that works.

Wind Energy Watch Uses Your Wind Power


(image via: yanko design)

Want to see what time it is? Just blow. Into the blades of your Wind Energy Watch, that is. The motion of your breath is enough to power the watch just long enough for the screen to display the time.

Voltair Wind Generator for Highway Medians


(images via: yanko design)

Think about how much wind is generated by cars passing by on the highway. It’s enough to shake stationary cars parked along the side. ‘Voltair’ by Luis Castanheira gathers that wind with an array of fans set in the median of a highway.