Nike Feather Pavilion Made of Thread & Plastic Bottles


In celebration of its groundbreaking Flyknit footwear technology, Nike has teamed up with architect Arthur Huang and his firm MINIWIZ to create a stunning pavilion made of thread and plastic bottles. The Feather Pavilion made its fully-functioning debut at Beijing Design Week 2012, installed in a restored 7,000-gallon oil drum in the city’s new design sector.


Previously seen in partially completed state at Shanghai’s Festival of Sport, the pavilion offers a multi-sensory experience that serves as a backdrop for Nike’s Flyknit technology, high-tech fabric threads that are lightweight and sustainable.
The same threads used in the shoes are seen in the complex, geometric structure of the pavilion, woven around a metal frame. The main part of the pavilion was built of interlocking transparent ‘bricks’ made of recycled PET plastic bottles, created by MINIWIZ.
Kinetic energy produced by onlookers is captured and used to transform the architectural shape of the structure, with the ceiling moving like a feather. Sounds, light and video are also produced in response to visitors’ movements.
The pavilion will be on display through October 6th. See lots more photos at Design Boom.