Green Infographics: 14 Facts About the Environment

Infographics take data and turn it into pictures that are easy to understand and remember. Brush up on your environmental knowledge with these 14 green infographics, which tackle subjects like waste, recycling, electronics, greenwashing and how hybrid engines work. Click each image to view full-size.

What’s In Your Trash?

(image via: bolt insurance)

Do you ever really think about the things you throw away? How much of it is actually recyclable or compostable? How much of it could be eliminated through smarter packaging? Waste experts take a close look at just what can be found within the trash cans of Americans in order to tackle a growing problem. This infographic lays out some of the things they’ve learned.

The Lifecycle of Reclaimed Wood

(image via: viridian wood)

One of North America’s top wood recyclers, Viridian Wood Products, gives us a look at how wood is reclaimed and recycled in their warehouses. The wood is sorted into grades by hand, with the poor quality wood becoming biofuel or firewood, mid-grade wood turned into shipping pallets and highest quality wood becoming new wood products.

Composting 101: What’s in, What’s out?

(image via: hometown dumpster rental)

What’s compostable, and what isn’t? Take a glance at this infographic to get a quick idea. About half the trash Americans throw away could be composted, including coffee grounds, egg shells, grass clippings and cardboard.

How We’re Endangering Animals

(image via: infographics archive)

Created for Earth Day 2012, this infographic shows just how humans are affecting the many other species that exist on this planet. Some of the ways in which our activity harms animals include climate change, poaching and destroying natural habitats.

Square Foot Gardening for $50!

(image via: infographics archive)

Learn how to get a square foot garden started for just $50 with this infographic. Square foot gardening is cheap, compact and productive, using raised boxes that are sectioned and filled with nutrient-rich soils.