Take a Dizzying Trip Through the Treetops of Australia

What do the rainforests look like from the perspective of a bird? One of the best ways to find out is to talk a treetop walk at one of the world’s most beautiful elevated nature walkways. Ilawarra Fly in New South Wales, Australia is a 1,600-foot-long tour of Australia’s Southern Highlands on a steel canopy punctuated by a 147-foot-tall tower.

Walk through and above the canopies of the trees to take in the landscape and spot wildlife that you just wouldn’t see from the ground. At Ilawarra you might even see some very Australian creatures like wombats and echidnas.
The best time to take advantage of Ilawarra’s elevated nature walk is just as the sun begins to rise. A panoramic view of the heavily forested hills is bathed in pink and orange light as the sun begins its ascent, and the birds and local wildlife are at their most active.
Ilawarra Fly is one of just four steel treetop walkways in the world – all of which are located in Australia. Learn more at IlawarraFly.com and see 6 more treetop tours.