8 Over-the-Top Products for Overprotective Parents

Waffle Handle

8 Over-the-Top Products for Overprotective Parents(image via: Tokyu Hands Inc.)

Got a handle on childproofing your home yet? If your handles are of the trendy yet pointy variety, you’d better get a big batch of Waffle Handles, pronto! Made and sold in Japan at Tokyu Hands stores, Waffle (more like “Accordion”, amiright?) handles help cushion the impact when your fancy child’s-eye-high door handles inevitably meet your child’s-eye-high child’s eye.

8 Over-the-Top Products for Overprotective Parents(image via: 迫る初夏)

Doors are veritable landmines able to incapacitate a child from head to toe, or at least head to hand. The thoughtful and caring Japanese parents whose demonic door is shown above tamed their pernicious portals by installing both Waffle Handles and flexible hinge covers. We’re sure you’ve done likewise, or you’re a bad parent and you should feel bad.

UFO Cap Umbrella

8 Over-the-Top Products for Overprotective Parents(images via: Ufocap.com and EC21 Inc.)

They say what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger and that seems to be the theory behind the UFO Cap Umbrella, or UFOCAP for short. Seriously, look at this thing… if your kid can survive wearing the UFO Cap Umbrella to school on a rainy day, he or she is ready to take on the world – and considering its design, other worlds as well.

See-Through Doornob

8 Over-the-Top Products for Overprotective Parents(images via: My Modern Met)

After a long day at school, brother and sister retire to their rooms and get cracking on their homework… or are they? Concerned parents could always install a home CCTV system but that would infringe on their children’s privacy. An attractive alternative is the “A Room In The Glass Globe” crystal doorknob from Japanese designer Hideyuki Nakayama. Upon approaching the room, a distorted but discernible image of the interior appears “in” the doorknob. Good luck, bro & sis, life in the goldfish bowl just got a lot tougher.

Child-Proof House

8 Over-the-Top Products for Overprotective Parents(image via: Impact Lab)

Childproofing a home isn’t easy what with so many things to consider and so many deceptive danger zones even the most vigilant Helicopter Parent could miss. Maybe the best solution is to start from scratch, building your house to be childproof from the ground up. What would such a house look like? Maybe the example above offers a clue or two. You can bet the kids would love living there and so would their parents… as long as Dad doesn’t smoke and Mom leaves her stiletto heels at the door.