Prefab Eco House in France Boasts Breezy, Modern Design


Grow your own food and relax on a spacious outdoor terrace – even in a densely populated city. This beautiful prefab house by architect Djuric Tardio works with the restrictive housing regulations in a suburb of Paris, maintaining a conventional house shape but adding more sustainable features and functionality.



Made entirely of sustainably grown and managed Finnish larch, the house is prefabricated off-site, reducing pollution and noise during the building process. The wood is smooth and waterproof for a sleek modern look that’s also durable.



The house features a large rooftop terrace which offers plenty of space for both recreation and gardens, so families can grow quite a bit of their own food. Fruiting vines like grapes grow over the beams of the roof for beauty, shade and healthy snacks. There’s also a second-floor balcony and a decked dining area on the first floor. The wood surfaces of these outdoor spaces help passively heat and cool the house.


Inside, the space has been made adaptable so the home can grow and change along with its inhabitants. Sliding walls separate living spaces, enabling the creation of rooms of various sizes like play rooms, offices and home theaters. See more photos at Inhabitat.