Solar and Wind-Powered Outdoor Lighting at IKEA


Did you know that you can get wind-powered lighting for your yard or garden – and that it’s affordable? Leave it to IKEA to bring modern, attractively designed products that run on renewable energy to the masses. The Swedish home goods retailer offers a nice array of solar- and wind-powered lighting including pendants, table lamps, ground stakes and string lights.
Pictured top is the Solvinden solar/wind-powered pendant lamp, which uses both sunlight and wind to charge its lithium batteries. Available in white and multi-color, the Solvinden takes 9-12 hours to recharge in direct sunlight, or 24 hours with a wind speed of about 9 miles per hour. You can also get the Solvinden solar/wind-powered ground stake or any number of solar-powered stake lighting, pictured above.


Cute little bird lights on a string are each fitted with a clip for easy and creative hanging – within the branches of a shrub, for instance. Each of these solar-powered and wind-powered outdoor lights comes equipped with an LED light that will last about 20,000 hours and a rechargeable battery.


The Solvinden line can be viewed at the IKEA website, but it’s only available for purchase at IKEA stores.