Libraries, Aquariums & Outhouses: 14 Reclaimed Phone Booths

Sculpture Display in the Netherlands

(image via: rex roof)

What exactly is going on with this phone booth? It’s not really clear. In place of a phone there’s now a sculpture of a man’s head and a small lamp. Maybe it’s just some kind of strange miniature art exhibit.

Home Phone Project

(images via: contexture)

One phone booth in Canada has been turned into an art installation that makes a statement about the concept of home, particularly as it relates to homelessness. Says Contexture Design of the Home Phone Project, “Telephone booths, once a common sight around our cities, are being removed from service as cell phones become commonplace. For many homeless without the benefit of a cell phone, the public phone booth is an important amenity to connect beyond local neighborhoods. We see the loss of the phone booth as a loss of public infrastructure in our cities. Our design reshapes that public facility by creating a stylish, small home – a home phone.”

Library in Hampshire

(images via: b. alter/treehugger)

Treehugger’s Bonnie Alter spotted another creative use of a red telephone booth in Hampshire, England. In this case, the town decided to turn their adopted kiosk into a miniature local library.

CCTV Sculpture, London

(images via: yaketyyakyak)

This particular ArtBox entitled ‘T for Telephone’ by artist David Mach may indeed just represent the letter ‘T’, but it looks more like another common sight in Britain that is quickly becoming iconic in its own right: the ever-present CCTV camera.

Smoking Booths in Denmark

(images via: next nature)

Graphic designer Simone de Graef has an idea for all of the disused telephone booths in Denmark: turn them into smoking booths. While smokers probably wouldn’t appreciate being stuffed into tiny glass enclosures in order to indulge in their habit, non-smokers wary of exposure to secondhand smoke might welcome the idea.