Libraries, Aquariums & Outhouses: 14 Reclaimed Phone Booths

Outhouse in Finland

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It may not be the prettiest, but it’s pretty smart: this booth, spotted in Säppi, Finland, was turned into an outhouse. Now if only those walls weren’t transparent.

Entrance to a Pub in Germany

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If you want to get inside this pub in the District of Harburg, Germany, you’ll have to step inside the phone booth first. It’s been converted into an entrance.

Art Gallery in North Yorkshire, England

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Gallery on the Green calls itself “probably the smallest gallery in the world”, and they might just be right. Settle Town Council purchased the phone booth in 2009 under the BT’s ‘Adopt a Kiosk’ program. The phone was removed and the town was invited to use the booth as they saw fit. While town officials initially filled it with original art, it’s now been fitted with a large digital photo frame that displays the art electronically.

Visitor Information Center in Cumbria, England

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The same BT program enabled Loppergarth Village to turn their own red phone booth into a visitor information center. The booth is filled with maps, brochures, fliers and other important local information.