Green Your iPhone with 13 Cases, Chargers, Speakers & More


Most electronic gadgets – and their associated accessories – are anything but green. Constant upgrades mean they’re quickly obsolete, taking a whole lot of plastic, chemicals and heavy metals with them to landfills and ‘recyclers’ in third-world countries. But not only are these 13 eco-friendly iPhone accessories less wasteful, making use of reclaimed and natural materials and energy from the sun, they’re also well-designed and highly practical.

BioLite Camp Stove


(image via: biolitestove)

This might just be the coolest eco-friendly iPhone accessory ever. The BioLite camp stove burns small scraps of wood to cook food, boil water or create a cozy and warm atmosphere in the great outdoors, eliminating the need to carry fuel or gather firewood. But even better, the BioLite uses the energy from the fire to charge your iPhone or other gadget.



(image via: eco-made)

Low-tech and low-cost, this is one iPhone gadget that is accessible to nearly everyone and has very little impact on the environment. The Eco Amp is an iPhone speaker made of recycled paper that simply slips over the end of your phone to amplify the sound. It folds flat when not in use and costs just $7.99.



(image via: miniwiz)

This iPhone case is 100% trash – in a good way. It’s made of rice agricultural waste added to post-consumer thermo-plastics, making use of materials that would otherwise go to waste. It’s also super-strong, and available in four different colors.

Sleek Unplugged Wooden Speakers


(image via: koostik)

Beautiful in its modern simplicity, this is one set of speakers that won’t end up leaking toxic chemicals and heavy metals into the soil and groundwater of third-world countries. Koostik created its handmade wooden speaker system out of a single piece of wood. It requires not energy at all, with its hollow interior amplifying the sound.

Bamboo Case


(image via: kickstarter)

Another electricity-free, all-natural option for an iPhone dock is the iBamboo speaker by Brooklyn-based Anatolly Omelchenko. It’s made of a single piece of bamboo with a notch cut out for the iPhone, and has a flattened base to keep it upright. The sound exiting either side of the bamboo creates a stereo effect.