Telephone Booth Turned into an Aquarium in France


It’s hard to even find a working pay phone these days, and telephone booths seem even more obsolete. So what’s to be done with all of the booths that were once present by the dozens in every big city around the world? French lighting designer Benoit Deseille had an intriguing idea: turn them into aquariums! The artist installed this amazing phone booth transformation in Lyon, France for the city’s annual Festival of Lights.



Tropical fish dart around in the water beside the intact telephone in an absurd and somewhat eerie scene that provokes thoughts of flooded cities. The booth was sealed so that water can’t leak out and the door can’t be opened by curious onlookers.


This fun recycled art piece is just one example of the many ways in which phone booths are being reused. The iconic red British telephone booth has been turned into micro-libraries, miniature art galleries, visitor information centers and towering sculptures.