Barcelona Gets a Stunning Garden Wall with Trailing Vines


We’ve seen dozens of beautiful concept designs depicting vertical gardens on a massive scale: huge living green walls that stretch along the side of a tall building, adding some much-needed plant life to busy urban neighborhoods. Now, we can see it in real life. Capella Garcia Arquitectura have completed a nearly 70-foot-tall green wall on the corner of a residential block in Barcelona, Spain.


Calling to mind a lush jungle, the greenery is a fitting addition to a creative and thriving city where unusual architecture is the norm. The wall was affixed to an existing residential building and is made up of pre-fabricated galvanized steel.


The steel components, which form a sort of scaffolding, were created off-site and configured into a stack of platform gardens. Each of these gardens has space for planters, built-in benches and water fountains for the residents to enjoy.


The gardens have a set of stairs that run close to the building, and an integrated pulley system that makes it easy to transport materials up and down the scaffolding. An automated drip irrigation system keeps everything watered and fertilized at programmed intervals.