Recycled Shipping Container Houses Mobile Pizza Joint


Have you ever seen a shipping container that looked this delicious? San Francisco has a new pizza joint, and not only is it on wheels, it’s made of a reclaimed shipping container that has been altered to include a traditional wood-fired pizza oven. Del Popolo owner Jon Darsky gutted the container and placed it on the back of a truck.


Inside, the container has been split into two levels. The oven is on the upper level, where the cook shapes and bakes all the fresh Neapolitan pies. The pizzas are then delivered to the lower level via a special rack, where the cashier doles them out to customers.



One entire wall of the shipping container was replaced with glass, allowing customers to watch the whole process. And Darsky didn’t compromise authenticity due to weight concerns: rather than substituting some kind of lightweight option, he installed a 5,000-pound wood-fired oven imported from Naples that can cook a pizza in 60 seconds.


Del Popolo isn’t the only pizza joint to use a shipping container in a surprisingly creative way. Roberta’s Pizza in Brooklyn uses two shipping containers in its garden as greenhouses, and there are quite a few stationary shipping containers serving as pizza places.