Marvelous Mandalas Made of Flowers and Vegetables


Bursting with color and arranged into intricate patterns, these mandalas made of plants by Arizona artist Kathy Klein are a stunning example of nature art. Klein calls her work ‘danmalas’, which means ‘the giving of flower circles’ in Sanskrit. A devoted nature lover, Klein comes up with her designs while in a meditative state.

Leaves, flower petals, grasses, cacti, pine cones and other natural objects come together into patterns that mimic those of traditional Buddhist and Hindu mandalas, concentric diagrams with spiritual and ritual significance. Mandalas are used to focus attention, establish a sacred space and aid meditation and trance.

Klein’s danmalas are typically created in natural environments like parks, forests and shorelines, though the contrast between these natural works of art and urban scenes like city streets is particularly striking. Once she has photographed them, Klein leaves the arrangements behind as a ‘gift’ to whoever comes across them.



“Her inspiration is given from the golden sound residing within perfect silence. They are reflections of the inexpressible, a gesture which points towards life’s abundance, an unspoken verse of Love. The danmalas remind us all to listen to the unheard voice of nature, creation, and the eternal mystery.”