Green China: 13 Examples of Innovative Eco Architecture

Sliced Porosity Block by Steven Holl, Chengdu

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As incredibly futuristic as the Sliced Porosity Block by Steven Holl may seem, it’s actually under construction right now in Chengdu, China. Yet another building designed to offer lots of perks and interaction with the community beyond its walls, this massive structure features five towers with geometries derived from a study of sun angles, with strategically placed chasms that enable natural daylighting to penetrate to the interiors. Beneath the structures is a six-story shopping center located underground, with three ground-level ‘focal ponds’ acting as skylights. The building will include geothermal heating and cooling, high-performance glazing and regionally sourced materials.

GreenPIX Zero Energy Media Wall, Beijing

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Here’s another green innovation that was prompted by the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. The GreenPIX Zero Energy Media Wall covers the front of the Xicui entertainment complex and features the world’s largest color LED display, which is powered by a photovoltaic solar energy system integrated into the glass curtain wall.

Parkview Green by Integrated Design Associates, Beijing

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One of China’s most sustainable architecture projects, Parkview Green in Beijing is a shopping center, office complex and boutique hotel with a bridged public route that runs through the heart of the building. Encased in a glass and ETFE plastic ‘envelope’, which creates a microclimate with individual zones that are easily controlled, the building boasts passive energy systems that eliminate the need for air conditioning. If more buildings like this are created, China will be on track to meet its goal of reducing levels of carbon intensity by 40%.

Pearl River Tower by SOM, Guangzhou

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With built-in wind turbines and solar collectors as well as photovoltaic panels, the Pearl River Tower by SOM is one of the most environmentally friendly buildings in all the world. With its raised-floor ventilation and radiant heating and cooling ceilings, it has achieved designation as the world’s most energy-efficient super-tall building. The tower, located in Guangzhou, is intended for office use.