Simple Recycled Paper Speakers Amplify Your iPhone


It’s hard not to be drawn in by all the latest gadgets, even when you know they’re going to be obsolete within years or even months. But all of those cell phones, mP3 players and accessories are on the fast track to the landfill, where they can leak toxic chemicals into the soil and groundwater. Luckily, there are some pretty cool – and cheap – eco-friendly alternatives. Check out the eco-amp, a recycled paper speaker for the iPhone.


This is about as simple as it gets: It’s just a paper cone that fits over the bottom of the iPhone. In fact, it comes in a flat pack, and you fold it yourself, which adds the benefit of cheaper shipping and easier portability. But you might be surprised just how much this low-tech gadget accessory amplifies the sound.


Selling for just $7.99, this is one cheap iPhone accessory that you don’t have to feel guilty about buying. Get it at

(Images: – via Treehugger)