Arms Length Pets: 10 Leashed Animals to Collar Your World

Please re-leash me, let me go! Leash laws may mandate it but most animals, pets or not, would gladly do without leashes if they had the choice. These 10 leashed animals illustrate our need to keep animals close and pets even closer, regardless of race, creed or collar.

Leashed Cats

(images via: Coming of Age,, Evanston Now and Takamagahara)

Cats are not commonly leashed because most finicky felines just won’t put up with it. You’ll see the occasional cat on a leash in urban environments, however, and the 1974 movie Harry and Tonto featured a very tolerant orange tabby who didn’t seem to mind it that much.

Leashed Chickens

(images via: BackYard Chickens and

If a bird in the hand’s worth two in the bush, then what’s a chicken on a leash worth? These restrained roosters must be wondering what all that “free range” talk was all about but not to worry, it’s just a minor flap.

Leashed Alligators

(images via: Free Republic, Deadhorse and Dougsploitation)

How gangsta does one have to be to walk an alligator on a leash? Such stories are apocryphal at best, since most pet owners would prefer to keep all of their extremities. As for the semi-domesticated reptilian menagerie of The Happiest Millionaire, we’ll write it off as just one more eccentricity of the one percent.

Leashed Monkeys

(images via: New York Times, Xineolson, The Artchive and The B.S. Report)

When properly trained, monkeys can be loyal and attentive pets. Trouble is, too many monkey-owners don’t have the time or patience to look after the “properly” part. Animal rights proponents who’ve watched the stereotype of Italian organ-grinders gradually fade away must wonder why the phenomenon of leashed monkeys doesn’t follow suit.

Leashed Tigers

(images via: ASN Classifieds, ThailandiaWeb and OptionAlpha)

Keeping a tiger on a leash: not just for Elin Nordegren anymore! Actually, not for ANYONE who doesn’t want to end up as big cat food. The old expression that goes “Don’t bite the hand that feeds you”? Tiger’s haven’t heard of it and it’s even more doubtful they practice it.