Tri It, You’ll Like It: 16 Amazing Tricycle Concepts

Two wheels good, three wheels better? Put a new spin on people-powered peddling with these 16 amazing tricycle concepts! The power of three (wheels) adds rugged stability, enhances cargo capability and boosts the fun quotient to levels not seen since you were a trike-piloting toddler.

Sergio Garcia’s Twisted Trike

(images via: ArtBusiness and

Artist Sergio Garcia crafted a trio of twisted tricycles for the From The Street To The Cube show at 941 Geary Gallery, which took place August 7th through 28th of 2010. The best of the bunch is the so-called “Its Not Always Easy to Tell What’s Real and What’s Fabricated” tricycle shown above. Better not try riding the 42×50″ metal sculpture, however, as it was purchased for a cool $5,000.

Randall Marin’s Triclo

(images via: Tuvie and Yanko Design)

According to designer Randall Marin, “Triclo is a conceptual design of what a tricycle can be in a urban environment.” That last word is the key, as every component of the Triclo will be recyclable. We did say “will be”… Triclo is a concept trike whose bits are just bytes at the moment. Is the world ready for a jumbo, pedal-powered street tricycle? Maybe not now but when it is, Randall Marin is ready to roll.

Cikaric Dragan’s Twin Trike

(images via: EcoFriend)

Industrial designer Cikaric Dragan’s Twin Trike concept is headed your way – you’ll see it coming at least, thanks to integral headlights and signal lights. Speaking of “light”, extensive use of carbon fiber in the trike’s frame ensures minimal weight, an important consideration when only one person’s in the driver’s seat.

Irina Alexandru’s Eco Vehicle

(images via: PsiPunk)

The Eco Vehicle is an all-weather pedal-powered tricycle concept designed to suit a growing trend: urban roads and paths where automobiles are forbidden to travel. Irina Alexandru’s idea of future transportation is more akin to bicycles than BMWs as it’s purely pedal-powered yet has a protective body to shield the driver from inclement weather.

Concept2 Tricycle Rowing Machine

(image via: RowingBike)

You know the Germans always make good stuff, but did you know they also make bizarre tricycles that are rowing machines or vice versa? There’s not much info out there on this rolling ab-inducer, assuming you really want to know more about it. We’re gonna pump – you up – with blood plasma and Ringer’s Lactate if you dare take this multitasking metal machine out for a spin, swim, whatever.

Aija Golubeva’s Solar Cool Tricycle

(images via: Hardware Sphere and Yanko Design)

The Solar Cool Tricycle features solar panels on its roof but any generated electric power won’t go towards propulsion. Instead, Aija Golubeva’s tasteful design routes the juice to the 40-liter storage tank situated behind the driver, who still needs to pedal in order to get things rolling. The stronger the sun, the more power generated so it only makes sense to stock the cooler with delicious ice cream on hot summer days!