Plant-Integrated Furniture: 12 Ways to Bring Greenery Inside

Hanging Plant Chandelier


(image via: omer arbel)

Designer Omer Arbel turns a modern white chandelier into a series of hanging planters for trailing plants. This beautiful lighting fixture is made of blown glass orbs that can hold two to three lights and low-water plants such as succulents.

Soil Table by Ori Mishkal


(image via: coroflot)

Why take up the precious space on top of your tables when you could force your plants to hang upside down? It may sound uncomfortable, but many plants – like shade-loving ferns – don’t mind. The design of the Soil Table by Jerusalem designer Ori Mishkal is incredibly simple: it’s just a wooden frame with chicken wire stretched across the base, which is densely packed with soil. It’s not clear whether the top of the table is raw soil, or covered in glass, but it’s an interesting idea either way.

Growing Chair


(image via:

So the Growing Chair may not be a green furniture item that’s ready to be hauled into your home, but it’s a really cool and beautiful way to show off greenery indoors. Swiss designer Michel Bussien trained willow trees to grow within a clear plexiglass chair, constrained within the legs and seat by the artificial material and then allowed to grow free up the back of the seat. The chair stands on a rolling planter base.

Moss Carpet


(image via: inhabitat)

Living carpets made of oh-so-touchable moss are much more eco-friendly than toxic petroleum-based carpeting, that’s for sure. Japan-based flower artist Makota Azuma teamed up with Unitika Ltd. to create a gorgeous biodegradable moss carpet for the TOkyo Fiber Sensware exhibition at the 2009 Milan Furniture Fair. The moss rests on a base of Terramac, an eco-friendly, knitted and spun fabric that holds the roots and moss together. It’s made from plant-derived fiber that biodegrades in soil after 10 years.