Plant-Integrated Furniture: 12 Ways to Bring Greenery Inside


Why stick with the same old terracotta pots when you could be greening up your home with built-in planter niches in tables, room dividers, chairs, lamps and even exercise equipment? Designers are coming up with creative new ways to integrate living plants into indoor environments, improving air quality, providing visual interest and eliminating your excuses not to grow some of your own culinary herbs.

Green Wall Exercise Machine


(image via: arceas)

Exercise equipment is anything but decorative, but three French designers aim to change that with the Arceas Green Wall. When closed, the Arcaes looks like a series of wall planters, but pull it open to reveal a workout center with resistance bands and a floor mat.

Plant tables by IKEA


(image via: inhabitat)

IKEA is bringing lush green plantable furniture to the masses with plant tables that feature four built-in planters and a storage/display shelf. The tables are part of IKEA’s 2012 PS Furniture Collection, which will be available in August. The collection was unveiled at Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan, Italy.

Indoor Vertical Garden Wall by FABRIKAAT


(image via: fabrikaat)

Lacking the space to fill your home with flowers, greenery or edible plants? Try integrating your indoor garden into a room divider. The Herb2 by FABRIKAAT represents one of the more stylish options, which folds and unfolds to save space, When closed, the planting compartments are enclosed in plexiglass, creating terrariums. Each cube is fitted with an LED light to help the plants grow and provide a little ambiance for the room.

Bonsai Planter Table


(image via: mdcinteriors)

An elegant way to display bonsai trees, the Living Table by MDC Interiors features a concrete top with a cut-out that houses the tree. The top of the design is hand-painted and etched, and the table stands on recycled wooden block legs.