Kids Narrate the Planet Earth Series, Adorably

Who has more wonder for nature than a child – or more propensity to go off on a random tangent about how cheeseburgers are delicious? BBC America got a group of children to ‘audition’ for world-renowned filmmaker and narrator David Attenborough’s role in the television series ‘Planet Earth‘, and the results were predictably adorable.

Created to promote the Planet Earth marathon on BBC America over Earth Day weekend, the video takes a group of four- to seven-year-olds and pairs them with scripts about animals and ecosystems. Some of the kids are hilariously enthusiastic, like seven-year-old Aiden. Others preferred to sprinkle a little improv into the mix. Virtually all had trouble figuring out just how to pronounce ‘Attenborough’.

The Planet Earth series was the BBC’s most expensive nature documentary series, and the first to be filmed in high definition. Its eleven hour-long episodes take us on a journey across the planet to get a look at various habitats. Animals featured include camels, leopards, wild dogs, elephants, lions, piranha and sharks. For airing in America, actress Sigourney Weaver was brought in to replace David Attenborough’s narration.

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