Another Terra: Mini Greenhouse for Other Planets


In case you haven’t noticed, terrariums are really in right now – especially small- to medium-sized geometric glass versions that make a strong design statement. Take, for example, the beautiful and highly sought after creations of Score and Solder, or the mini glass creations of Etsy’s ABJglassworks. But perhaps none are so unusual as this: ‘Another Terra‘, a traveling terrarium by Studio Besau Marguerre.

The glass terrarium is a work of art in and of itself, with crisp geometric planes edged in black soldering. The shape of the terrarium calls to mind the architecture of a house, or perhaps a church. It was designed for the exhibition ‘Home Away From Home’, currently on display at Ventura Lambrate in Milan, Italy.


But what makes it stand out is the leather strap carrier that it comes with. Why, after all, would you want to lug a terrarium around? Let Studio Besau Marguerre explain their vision:


“From the most primitive needs to the most evolve transformations, plants have always been key element in human development. Oxygen, food, cloth, color, medecine: at the core of  civilization remain our relation with vegetales and the tools and crafts which result of it. On a foreign planet plant could witness for us if this land could be a new garden of eden. Therefore one of our luggage must insure the preservation of this precious ressource  if we want to be sure to make home on another terra.”


Of course: it’s just the terrarium you’ll need when you decide to hop on a spacecraft bound for Mars. Good to know.

Photo credit: Besau Marguerre via