Extreme Close-Ups: 16 Mind-Blowing Macro Nature Photos

Anatomy of a Flower by Brian Valentine

(images via: lordv.smugmug.com)

In addition to water droplets, Brian Valentine often turns his camera on insects and flowers. The bloom pictured here looks so flawless, it almost doesn’t seem real.

Dew-Soaked Bee by Ondrej Pakan

(image via: ondrej pakan)

This little bee is another dew-soaked insect photographed by Ondrej Pakan.

Water Droplet by Andrea

(images via: spettacolopuro)

A combination of a macro lens and high-speed photography techniques gives us this picture of the impact created as a droplet hits the surface of the water.

Dragonfly Head by Thomas Shahan

(images via: thomas shahan)

Who knew that dragonflies had such pretty eyes? Photographed resting on a car antennae by Thomas Shahan, this little guy has a black spot on his eye that resembles a human pupil.

Grasshopper Face by Mark Berkery

(images via: being mark)

Says photographer Mark Berkery of this image, “To get up close with any insect I generally approach it slowly, lowering myself to its level to minimise my appearance and not overshadow it, avoiding sudden movement or striking its perch. But most of all I don’t get anxious so as to keep the experience a pleasure. It is a kind of hunting, or stalking at least, which essentially is a form of self discipline. Control of mind with regard to being present to notice the slightest sign of ‘prey’, and control of the body to minimise the footprint in the creature’s sensible domain.”