Extreme Close-Ups: 16 Mind-Blowing Macro Nature Photos

Bee Covered in Pollen by Andrea

(images via: spettacolopuro)

A fuzzy bee covered in pollen strikes an eye-catching pose in this image by Spettacolopuro. To really get a good look at all of the fine detail in this macro photograph, see the photographer’s Flickr page.

Frozen Flower Buds by João Paglione

(image via: joaobambu)

It looks like an alien landscape, but what has been captured in this photo by João Paglione is actually the aftermath of an unusual ice storm in Atlanta, Georgia.  The flower buds are completely encased in ice, giving them a whole new shape.

Creepy Crawlies by Mark Berkery

(images via: being mark)

Whatever these insects are, this image brings us much closer to them than we’d ever like to be in real life. Photographer Mark Berkery captures the kind of detail that can make you feel shivers up and down your spine.

Bug on a Bike

(images via: tustel ico)

A praying mantis straddling two budding leaves looks like it’s riding a bicycle in this fun image by Borneo-based photographer Tustel Ico.

Colorful Ants by Lee Peiling

(image via: two meows)

Malaysian photographer Lee Peiling seems to place her insect subjects in pastel fantasy worlds, using a technique that blurs the background and creates little specks of light known as bokeh.