14 More Modern Tiny Houses & Backyard Getaways

Studiomama Beach Chalet


(images via: design boom)

Who wouldn’t want their own personal beach getaway, especially when it’s as pleasing to the eye as this? Studiomama’s beach chalet is rustic yet modern, measuring 388 square feet with a living and dining area, two bedrooms, a bathroom and a kitchen. Finished with soft woods on the interior, the chalet is one and well-lit with a large window looking out on the sea.

Bauhaus Barge Houseboat


(images via: tiny house talk)

Tiny houses aren’t just found on land – they can be found floating in bodies of water all over the world, in the form of houseboats and plain old boats. The ‘Bauhaus Barge’ is an interesting example of the former, measuring 675-square-feet inside and run entirely on solar panels. It has two cabins, a bathroom, and a large lounge area with a kitchen.