Bag Dippers: 10 Cute, Cool, Caffeine-Free Tea Infusers

Teabagging is SO last year but tea parties (of all kinds) are still going strong. Don’t refuse… infuse! These 10 cute, cool and caffeine-free tea infusers add a dash of sustainable fun to your pukka cuppa no matter the hue of your political thirst.

Tea Rex Tea Infuser

(images via: GadgetSin)

He may have had claws too tiny to grasp a teacup but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t invite a Tyrannosaurus Rex for tea & crumpets… and now you can, thanks to the Tea Rex Tea Infuser! Just ten bucks at the NeatoShop, this dino-namic green plastic infuser turns your teacup into a regular hot tub time machine.

(image via: Sour Peach Hearts)

Care for some Jurassic perk? Simply unscrew the Tea Rex’s head and fill his hollow body with your preferred amount of loose tea. Re-head your silicone Sharptooth and take him for a swim!

Yellow Sub Tea Infuser

(images via: My Hat Box, Stylehive and Not on the High Street)

Sailing the Sea of Green is tough work, even accompanied by a Beatles soundtrack, so you can be sure Admiral Halsey and the lads had plenty of English tea on board – and what better way to brew for the crew than with the Yellow Sub Tea Infuser.

(image via: Lenkolaf)

Known officially (blasted copyright act!) as the “Tea Sub”, this delightful throwback to the Summer of Love is made from dishwasher safe, heat resistant, bright yellow silicone and includes a long and winding metal chain. It’s cute enough to make the meanest Blue Meanie crack a smile.

Armed With Technology Tea Infuser

(images via: Cute Decision and Yvonne Moss)

Bender may brew beer but the Armed With Technology Tea Infuser brews tea… and doesn’t drink it all afterwards. Crafted from stainless steel, this friendly robot has hinged arms that grasp the rim of your teacup: though he may be made of metal he’s as unsinkable as Molly Brown.

(image via: ThinkGeek)

No tea-brewing challenge is too, er, steep for the Armed With Technology Tea Infuser. When your tea’s ready for sipping, just stand him on the saucer-like base that catches any leftover drops & drips.

Candy Cane Tea Infuser

(images via: Internet Siao)

Don’t you wish it was Christmas every day of the year? Me neither, but you can capture that holiday spirit in a teacup for a few precious moments anytime you like with the Candy Cane Tea Infuser. Made from non-corrosive stainless steel, this dandy candy cane is optimally shaped to hang on your mug’s rim. Try it with mint tea!

Sharky Tea Infuser

(images via: Pablo Matteoda and BuzzNet)

Argentinian designer Pablo Matteodo must have an especially biting sense of humor. How else to explain the Sharky Tea Infuser? Simply fill with your tea of choice (perhaps Celestial Seasonings Safari Spice Red Tea) and pop into your cup. The infuser floats; fin on top and dark liquid streamers below. A clear glass teacup is ideal.. unless you’re the squeamish type.

(image via: Charles & Marie)

Matteodo’s funny finny ‘fuser seems to have gone through at least one re-design: there’s a screened version and a more traditional perforated metal model. Which came first, we cannot say – it’s one of those chicken, egg and shark things.