Plant Outside the Box: 14 Strange & Unusual Gardening Products

Seed Bomb Slingshot Kit

(images via: the common studio)

Add some greenery to bare spots in your community and feel like a naughty little kid doing it with the seedbomb slingshot kit from LA’s Commonstudio. The kit comes with 10 biodegradable packs of seeds and a wood slingshot, and you can even get seeds that are native to your region.

Raindrop Mini Watering Can

(images via: bas van der veer)

When you’re just a casual gardener, installing an entire rain barrel can seem like overkill. Gather rainwater in an easy, aesthetically appealing way with the Raindrop mini watering can. Perfect for urban gardeners who don’t have a large outdoor space, the Raindrop Mini plugs into your storm drain, filling up a cheerful yellow watering can.

Live Lamp: Outdoor Globe Light Planter

(images via: inhabitat)

Lighting, greenery and decor in one – the LIVE LAMP is definitely an unexpected design with visual flair. Designed by Kara Bartlet, the LIVE LAMP is a glass globe with a fluorescent light inside, and is covered in eighty air plants that just need a spritz of water about once a week.

OSUSOWAKE Sharable Planting System

(images via: inhabitat)

Easily split and share your seedlings with friends and family with the Osusowake planter (the name means ‘sharing’ in Japanese.) The planter is made of a soft, lightweight material called Puffcal that can be cut into sections once the plants have sprouted. No more digging out greenery and re-planting it in new containers.

LightPot is a Lamp and a Planter

(images via: studio shulab)

Indoor gardens are super-convenient, but when you need extra lighting to keep your plants healthy, they can be a tad unsightly. The Lightpot by Studio Shulab solves that problem with a modern table lamp that doubles as a planter. The light is cast down into the planter base, giving your plants the illumination they need.

Flower Bomb Balloons

(images via: studio tx)

Decorated with illustrations of little gnomes, these biodegradable balloons are attached to a little piece of sod. After about a day, the balloons deflate and begin the process of biodegrading. Each balloon is painted with water-based chalk and takes 4-6 months to decompose and sprout.