Plant Outside the Box: 14 Strange & Unusual Gardening Products

Biodegradable Herb Pod

(images via: gardening clan)

Start little basil, parsley or other herb seedlings in one of these cute little ‘Pods’, and when they start to outgrow the packaging, just plant it straight into the ground. The ‘Pod’ is made of biodegradable plastic and comes complete with compressed seed-growing soil and seeds.

Plantable Music by Data Garden

(images via: data garden)

Aptly-named record label Data Garden is offering an earth-friendly alternative to wasteful physical media in the form of download codes planted on seed-imbedded paper. The paper gives them something physical to offer fans at shows, but avoids the kind of waste that can be associated with CDs and vinyl. Once they use the download code, they simply plant the paper and see what comes up.

Attract Wild Bees with the Bee Hub

(images via: inhabitat)

You can bring valuable pollinators into your garden and encourage them to stay a while without becoming a full-on beekeeper. This fun little product sits in your flowerbed, offering bees a safe environment in which to indulge in a little sweet nectar. The Bee Station gives bees who could be weakened by Colony Collapse Disorder a boost of sugary energy to help them along their way.

Creature Pots – Planters with Character

(images via: the royal creature)

If you like monsters, and don’t find something that looks like a cross between a dinosaur and a zombie baby totally terrifying, you’ll love the Kaiju Creature Pot by TheRoyalCreature on Etsy. This little guy is handmade from Raku ceramic stoneware and is ideal for succulents.