Get Your Green Groove On with 12 Eco-Musical Electronics

Record-Playing Bicycle

(images via: inhabitat)

Your pedal power keeps the party going with this amazing record-playing bicycle. ‘Feats Per Minute’ features two wheel-mounted turntables that play music as the rider pedals. It was created using a thirty-year-old Alpina bike and parts salvaged from old vertical record players. Your speed even controls the tempo of the music.

Vers iPod Radio/Alarm

(image via: versaudio)

Dock your iPod or iPhone in this bamboo radio/alarm clock unit from Vers Audio. It’s got an AM/FM radio and a 15W full range speaker in a compact package. And for every tree Vers uses in production, they plant 100 more through a partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation.

Eco Vinyl Turntables

(images via: trendhunter)

Digital media is great, but there’s nothing like the sound of vinyl. Sennheiser offers an eco-friendly way to indulge in your record-playing obsession. This eco-friendly turntable is made of recycled and biodegradable materials like cork, fiberboard and felt, and comes in a wooden box made of recycled wood.

Kirikabu Planter Speakers

(images via: engadget)

It’s a planter. It’s a speaker. It’s an actual functioning product. JVC’s “Kirikabu” speakers are super cute and include a woofer, left-to-right channel stereo speakers and an internal amplifier. Plant them with little bonsai trees as pictured.

Shower-Powered Radio

(images via: tango group)

If you’re the type that likes to sing in the shower, you might already have a battery-powered radio hanging from the towel bar. But you could be using the very hot water that you’re showering in to power that radio, instead. Tango Group offers a radio that’s powered by the force of the flowing water. You just attach it to the faucet, and the flowing water turns an internal turbine to create power for the music to play.