Get Your Green Groove On with 12 Eco-Musical Electronics

iBamboo iPod Dock

(images via: ibamboo)

How beautiful and simple is this? The iBamboo iPod dock is electricity-free and made of one of the most sustainable materials on earth. Using those natural acoustic properties that the designers of the live bamboo speaker were trying to highlight, iBamboo is just a simple piece of bamboo with a slot in it for your iPod. They’re available at

Wind-Up MP3 Player

(images via: tangogroup)

It’s not cheap at $350, but you can get your very own wind-up mp3 player that needs nothing more than the power of your arm muscles in order to play music. The Trevor Baylis Eco Media Player EMP-MX71 will deliver 40 minutes of music playback for one minute of hand-cranking, and has a photo viewer, a video screen and 2 gigabytes of memory.

Solar-Powered iPod Speakers

(images via: apple)

Available in the Apple store, the Soulra XL is a totally off-the-grid iPod player that’s powered with solar energy. It’s got eight speakers and a 72-square-inch solar panel, yet it folds up compact and comes with a built-in carrying handle to make it easy to tote around. The best part is, it’ll charge your iPod, too.