Stump Sculptures: 12 Amazing Altered Tree Trunks

Mama’s Watching by Ken Davis

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Visitors to the Spring Canyon Community Park in Fort Collins, Colorado can spot a mountain lion perched on the branch of a tree. Entitled ‘Mama’s Watching’, this sculpture by chainsaw artist Ken Davis depicts a mother mountain lion ‘hunting for food for her two kittens.’

Detail of Carved Stump in Thailand

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The detail on this carved stump in Nakhon Pathom Province, Thailand is pretty astounding. Just look at the delicately entwined branches, and the cross-hatching of the elephants’ skin.

Amazing Carved Stump with Roots

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Dug out of the ground, the remains of a tree – roots and all – were carved into this incredible sculpture, reminiscent of a stylized sun. The sculpture was displayed at Burning Man 2006.

Huge Benches Made from Recovered Elms

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Two huge elm tree trunks were sculpted into raw, natural benches by designer Lies-Marie Hoffman in Stockholm. Called ‘Homage to the Elm Trees’, the project calls attention to Dutch Elm Disease, a fungal infection affecting elm trees in the area.