Stump Sculptures: 12 Amazing Altered Tree Trunks


Left behind when trees are felled, whether naturally or by the hand of man, stumps can be kind of sad. But some talented artists break out the chainsaws, paint or other materials to transform these tree remnants into intricate works of art. These 12 tree trunk sculptures range from forest creatures that seem to bring fairy tales alive to massive benches that bring awareness to diseases affecting elms.

Forest Creatures by Tommy Craggs


(images via: inhabitat)

Amazingly detailed forest creatures that sprouted up in the woods of Karnesborough, North Yorkshire, UK puzzled local residents, until a local chainsaw artist came forth to claim credit for the sculptures. Tommy Craggs carves tree trunks, stumps and branches into mythical creatures like dragons.

Louisville Lizard Chair


(images via: broken sidewalk)

After Hurricane Ike swept through Louisville, Kentucky and took down lots of trees in 2008, one of the resulting stumps mysteriously transformed into a strange street-side chair. The lizard throne, located in the Highlands-Douglass neighborhood, now provides a perfect resting place when taking a walk through the city.

Lady of the Domaine les Boises Lee Farm


(image via: hike bike travel)

Located outside the former home of Lady Banting on the Domaine les Boises Lee Farm in Stanstead, Quebec is this mysterious figure holding a bouquet of roses. Perhaps the artist carved her into this tree in a tribute to the house’s famous residents; Lady Banting’s husband, Sir Frederick Banting, was the co-discoverer of insulin.

Picnic Table by Scott Kuefler


(image via: the oakland press)

What do you do with a massive tree stump that’s practically impossible to remove from the ground? If you’re chainsaw artist Scott Kuefler of Chesterfield Township, Michigan, you carve it up into a decorative picnic table that doubles as yard art.