Designing Dream Travel: 14 Spectacular Eco Hotels


These 14 hotels aren’t just self-contained, pre-fabricated, eco-friendly wonders, they’re also standout designs of the jaw-dropping variety. In fact, they’re so beautiful and strange, you’ll hardly believe that they’re real, but you’ll be tempted to book at least one of them right away. After all, who wouldn’t want to sleep in a swinging bed suspended above a river in Bali, a UFO-shaped treehouse in Sweden or a totally transparent bubble tent in the French countryside?

Charming Magic Mountain Lodge in Chile


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Looking like something straight out of a fantasy movie, the Magic Mountain Lodge is a 13-room hotel in the private Huilo-Huilo Biological Reserve in the Patagonia area of Northern Chile. Not only does this hotel look like it’s built into a moss- and ivy-covered hill, it’s also got a suspended rope bridge and its own waterfall that cascades down the side. In addition to the guest rooms, the hotel contains a bar, a restaurant and a sauna. There are even hot tubs made from hollowed-out tree stumps.

Salvaged Campers at a Berlin Budget Hotel


(images via: huettenpalast)

This may just be the cutest and most creative budget hotel ever. Staying at Berlin’s Hüttenpalast will feel like luxury camping, as you’ll be sleeping in super-cozy renovated campers or wooden huts, each with their own little ‘outdoor’ area complete with birch trees. The ‘hut palace’ is located in the production hall of an old factory and includes an outdoor courtyard and an indoor garden. The hotel also has 6 ‘real’ rooms, if you’re less adventurous.

25hours Shipping Container Hotel



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Created with an authentic port experience in mind, the 25Hours HafenCity Hotel in Hamburg, Germany uses reclaimed shipping containers and industrial details to capture the right feel. Trunks, driftwood and vintage furniture further complete the atmosphere, making you feel like a real sailor.

Tiny Prefab at Portugal TreeHotel


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Experience what it’s like to live in less than a hundred square feet at Dass Architecture’s TreeHotel, located at the Jardin de Estrela in Lisbon, Portugal. The pre-fabricated, geometric design is situated in the woods and includes a small rooftop deck.